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Glare Lighting Studio UAE Fabrizio Floreani


CEO & co-founder

“Without a surface there’s no light, without light there’s no object.”

Hi, I am Fabrizio and I am proudly co-founder and CEO of this amazing company, founded on my 25 years of experience in the lighting design consultancy business, starting new ventures, and guiding several offices and multiple design teams across the Middle East and Africa.

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You cannot brighten another’s path without lighting your own.

Ciao I am Alfredo, GLARE’s co-founder. GLARE represents the expression of its founders’ mindsets, business and personal relationship, dreams and visions. Working together in this project and making the world more beautiful trough LIGHT is how we shall perform, achieve, succeed and grow.

Glare Lighting solutions UAE

Glare Lighting provides turn-key lighting design services


Architectural Lighting Designer

“We are not afraid of playing with the shadows, of designing the darkness. I use light to tell my story.

I am Camila! I am a lighting designer and architect, graduated in Rio de Janeiro, specialized in Milan, and I have worked as a lighting designer in famous practices around the globe.


Architectural Lighting Designer

“Through light, I can transform every day places into unique and stimulating experiences.”

Ciao! I am Simona, an independent lighting designer since 2005, and I am also an enthusiastic participant in the international project WIL (WOMEN IN LIGHTING).

Glare Lighting Consultants Dubai

Glare Lighting Consultants Abu Dhabi


Architectural Lighting Designer

“My designs incorporate light at the very heart of the architectural process.”

Hello, I am Giusy and I have spent the last 20 years creating lighting projects for architecture, from commercial and public spaces to private homes and exhibitions.


QATAR Country Manager

“The secret to life is to put yourself in the right lighting.”

Hello everyone! I am currently based in Qatar, keeping busy with fabulous projects and looking forward to the World Cup next year! Let’s meet next time you’re in Doha.

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Glare top lighting consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Oman Country Manager

“Much like a painted masterpiece, lighting is an art form that has the ability to delight, inspire, and transform.”

Hi, I’m Pamela and I’m well experienced in managing international projects, having worked with visionary directors as well as talented architects and artists creating beautiful temporary and permanent installations all over the world. If you happen to be in Oman don’t hesitate to contact me!


U.A.E. Partner

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and elegance.”

Hey there, I am Maurizio and I consulted for clients across the world, and successfully established commercial relationships and strategic partnerships. Let’s get together over a coffee next time you’re in Dubai and discuss our next project together! Contact me.

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